A complete guide to buying bed sheets for the summer

Summers are on the verge! Are you unable to get a comfortable sleep in the hot summer nights because your bed linen is too warm? Buying some sets of cool bed sheets is more important than making your summer sleep even worse. Choosing and buying the right cool bed sheets for hot weather is very much important. Think about what you’re looking for by considering the type of materials of bed sheets that suits you best, think about your comfort level, the functionality and style, design, and colors of sheets. Here, we give you some tips that help you to choose and buy the right and best bed sheets keeping you comfortable and cool:


How to choose bed sheets for hot weather?

Bed sheets are available in different varieties of materials, designs, colors, with various weights and thread count. Follow the below tips that help you to find sheets that make you feel cool this summer:


Natural fibers are the best material:

Bed sheets made from 100% natural fibers are best option to buy as compared to synthetic (man-made) fibers. There are a lot of reasons to this: natural fibers are breathable that means they allow the air circulation and they absorb the moisture or perspiration from your body throughout the night and keep you cool and dry. On the other hand, synthetic fibers don’t allow the air circulation.

There are different types of fabrics that include cotton fabrics such as include sateen, percale, and jersey that are comfortable, durable and affordable; Egyptian cotton is one of the best quality bed sheets; silk sheets are also comfortable as the regulate the temperature well and feel soft to the skin but they are often expensive; and linen has a natural cooling feel and it breathes great.

Below table clearly shows the benefits of different types of fabrics used for making bed sheets:

Type of Fabric




Breathable (circulate air)


Suitable for both summers and winters


Readily available



Soft and comfortable



Good temperature circulation

Remains cool during the night



Circulate air well

Absorbs moisture

Easily adapts to strong temperatures

Antimicrobial and antifungal properties


Lightweight Wool

Absorbs moisture

Circulate air well

Both hot and cold air insulation



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Consider the weight of bed sheets:

While choosing bed sheets, consider the weight as it is a very important factor to look for. Silk and sateen sheets have lightweight and they are drape closely to the body. Due to this, they may trap heat and make you feel warm. Cotton sheets are heavyweight, breathable and allow air circulation. That is why they are preferred for hot weather. The heavyweight sheets are also durable.


Consider the thread count:


Another important factor to consider while buying bed sheets is the thread count (number of threads used per square inch in constructing the fabric) that indicates the comfort level and the quality of sheets. It has made a common opinion of people that if there is a high thread count, the fabric will be soft and comfortable. But this opinion isn’t always the case because the sheets with high thread count aren’t breathable as much and trap the heat. So, it is usually suggested that the normal thread count is 300-400 for the summers. Moreover, while buying the bed sheets, it is best to feel the fabric at your hand because it will help you to know how your skin feels against a particular fabric material.


Opt for light-colored sheets:

When you want something to cool your down during summer months, the light-colored bed sheets are the best option to consider because light colors reflect the light coming from your bedroom windows rather than absorb the light. A white bed sheet is the best option to buy because it soothes your eyes, provides you comfort and makes your room look bright, big and clean. If you still want to add some bright colored sheets, you can buy few of them depending on your choice but not too bright as these colors absorb the light making you feel warmer.

Remember, using lukewarm water during laundering the white and other light-colored sheets and avoid to dry them on high heat so that they can be kept in their best condition. It is better to have outdoor sunshine for drying your bed sheets.


Design and style are also important:

The design of the bed sheets is another factor to consider while choosing them for summers. For a regular daily use, you can choose tiny prints especially the floral designs because they enhance the beauty of your room. For any special occasion, you can buy bed sheets having little embroidery on them. Another design option for summers is the stripes print that is simple yet stylish giving your room a contemporary look.

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Buying bed sheets for summers on Amsons Design:

When you consider all your options and decide on what bed sheets you need to buy, it is the time to start buying or shopping. You can buy bed sheets online at Amsons Design – one of the best online bedding stores, located in Australia. You can find varieties of both fitted and flat bed sheets available in natural materials from breathable cotton to cool, soft silk to the fabrics that are specially designed to keep the moisture at bay. Consider the various sizes, designs, prints, and colors that best match your bedroom décor and your own style.