A Complete Overview of Different Bedding Items/Elements

Giving a perfect and best complete look to the bedroom includes choosing the right items of bedding such as bed sheets, pillows, covers etc. The term “bedding” is used to describe the bedclothes or bed linens that are laid above the mattress of a bed to fulfill the hygiene purposes, to protect the mattress, to give a decorative effect to a bed and bedroom and to provide warmth to an individual. There is a long list of the different bedding items or elements and an unfamiliarity of the basic terminologies of these items creates difficulty in buying the right one. So, it is important to have an ample knowledge or at least some basic know-how of the different bedding items that help you to find the right item for your bed.

Here’s a list of different types of bedding items along with the descriptions of each of them:

Flat bed sheet:

A flat bed sheet is also called a top sheet and it is a sheet that is used to cover the complete mattress and rest of the sheet is folded under the mattress.

Fitted sheet:

It is also called the bottom sheet and it has elastic edges that easily fit over the mattress. In case of a thicker mattress, it is necessary to check the measurements of the fitted sheet while buying them so that they can easily stretch over the mattress.


It is a thin and decorative covering that covers the whole bed, pillows, and drapes over the sides and touches the floor. Some common materials used to make a bedspread include cotton, wool, chenille or polyester. Bedspread is used to cover the bed usually when no one is using it and at night, it is folded and kept aside.




A coverlet – decorative covering – is similar to a bedspread but it doesn’t touch the floor and doesn’t cover the pillows.


It is a thick bed cover that is stuffed with fibers or feathers or down (a layer of bird’s fine feathers) and sewn all the four sides together. A comforter is commonly made of cotton or polyester. They are available in a wide range of different colors, styles, and patterns that can give a decorative look to the bedroom.


A duvet is similar to the comforter but it is usually filled with down and it requires a duvet cover because it is solid white. A comforter doesn’t require a cover.

Duvet cover:

It covers and protects the duvet. A duvet cover has an opening to insert a duvet or sometimes a comforter and after inserting, the opening is closed either with buttons or zipper. Duvet covers are decorative and embellished and are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. In Australia, people usually use the term “doona cover” for and instead of “duvet covers”.

Bed skirt:

A bed skirt is also known as dust ruffle and it is used to cover the box spring (base of a bed) and legs of the bed. Bed skirts are decorative pieces of fabric that fit between box spring and mattress and hangs to the floor. These can also add an element of décor to the bedroom.

European pillow or continental pillow:

Euro pillow or continental pillow is a large square size pillow that is decorative and it is used to place against the headboard. The cover of the pillow is removable for washing purposes.

Sleeping pillow:

It is a pillow that is used to lay your head on when you are sleeping. It has a rectangular shape and comes in 3 different sizes: standard, queen, and king. The firmness of the pillow also differs depending on its use for side sleeping, for back or stomach.

Throw pillow:

It is also called decorative pillow or accent pillow that has various sizes, shapes, and colors. It is used for adding a decorative element to the bed.

Bolster pillow:

It is a long, tubular, narrow pillow that is stuffed with feathers or down and used for either decorative purposes or for lumbar support while sitting against the headboard. These pillows are available in different sizes from small to extending through the entire width of a bed.


It is used to cover the sleeping pillow or sometimes it can also be used to cover bolster or decorative pillows. It has an opening on one end from where the pillow is inserted.

Pillow sham:

It is similar to the pillowcase but it has no opening, instead, extra fabric in the form of flanges, trims or ruffles are extended out from all the edges of pillow sham. As compared to pillowcases, pillow shams are more decorative and embellished to add a style to the bed.

bolster pillow


Blankets are usually made of cotton, wool, polyester, fibers or microfiber plush and these are used to add warmth. Blankets can be used alone or in combination with quilts, duvets, or comforters.

Throw blanket:

A throw blanket is smaller in size than a regular blanket. It is used to add extra warmth by placing at the foot or around the shoulders.


A quilt is a type of blanket that is made up of 3 layers: top, batting and back/bottom. The top layer is artistically patterned by stitching together different pieces of fabric. The batting layer is a thin layer of wool, polyester or down. The bottom layer is a solid piece of a fabric that matches or contrasts the top layer. All these three layers are held together with the stitching through all of them. Quilts are lightweight and made up of cotton blends or cotton.

Mattress protector/pad:

It is placed just underneath the fitted sheet and above the mattress to protect it and to add comfort.


Now, you know the different items or elements of bedding so it becomes easy for you to shop the right item that enhances the design, style and overall looks of your bedding. You can shop for your favorite bedding items such as fitted sheets, quilt cover sets, flat sheets, and pillow cases and much more homewares such as cushion covers and tableware at Amsons Design – the best homeware online store located in QLD, Australia. For more information or to buy bedding items online, visit the website or call 07 5358 0127