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Make your sleep restful and soothing with quality bed linens from our sale and clearance collection. Whether you want a subdued look of your bedroom or prefer the luxurious feel of the ultimate designers bedding, these fitted sheets + pillowcases and quilt covers, provide a graceful look to your bedroom while giving you ultimate comfort and tranquility. Our bed linen clearance collection not only provides you inexpensive and affordable prices but also it accommodates the need for quality bedding that you truly deserve for resting and relaxing.


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We introduce our collection of fitted sheets + pillowcases and quilt cover sets sale and clearance so that you can easily buy quality bed linens that will provide you breathtaking comfort and feel.


These bedding items are manufactured with quality fabrics that include 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends.


Why we choose these fabrics?

We choose these fabrics because cotton is considered the most popular and widely used fabric for bed sheets and other bedding. Cotton is soft, comfortable, breathable, lightweight, durable, and versatile and can be used for both winters and summers.

Blended fabrics such as cotton-polyester are durable and the most important benefit of these is that they are wrinkle-resistant (you don’t need to iron them), making them the best choice for manufacturing bed linens.

Another important factor in retaining the quality of these fabrics during the manufacturing process is the “thread count”. Our thread count for quality bed linens is between 180 – 300 that ultimately makes the fabric soft, comfortable and cozy.


Here are some selected designs from our fitted sheets + pillowcases and quilt covers collection on sale:


Beige Fitted Sheet + Pillowcase 

beige fitted sheet + pillowcase

Green Stripe Fitted Sheet + Pillowcase


Green Stripe Fitted Sheet Set


Cream Fitted Sheet + Pillowcase


Light Grey Fitted Sheet + Pillowcase

light grey fitted sheet pillowcase

White Fitted Sheet + Pillowcase


white fitted sheet pillowcase


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Abstract Multi Quilt Cover Set


abstract multi quilt cover set


Green Check Quilt Cover Set


green check quilt cover set


Boston Quilt Cover Set


thin stripes quilt cover set


Blue Red Stripes Quilt Cover Set


blue red stripes quilt cover set


Sofia Quilt Cover Set


sofia quilt cover set


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