Some Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Quilt Cover Sets

Some of you who might don’t want to go into details; a quilt cover is simply a cover for your quilt that can be washable like a pillowcase. But we know that a quilt cover is much more of importance for some of you who really want to enhance the décor of their bedroom and to have a comfortable sleep. A quilt cover is a type of blanket that comes in a wide variety of designs, colors, and materials. There are some useful things that all of you should consider while buying the right quilt cover sets for you. Here, are those useful tips to consider while choosing the right set of quilt cover for your bedroom:


What to consider while buying quilt cover sets for your bedroom?

The things that you should consider while shopping for quilt cover sets include design, material, thread count and other features.


Consider the design of quilt cover sets:

The aesthetic side is really important while choosing a quilt cover as the design and pattern should match the décor of your bedroom alongside the cushion covers, pillowcases, and other furnishings. Additionally, it is also important to get the right size of quilt cover set for your bedroom. The design of quilt covers whether it is a vintage cover or waffle cover or a simple elegant single-piece or intricately embroidered quilt cover, you must see for the materials, the brand, and other factors as they all affect the price of quilt cover set.

Here, at Amsons Design, we adhere to the style and comfort of our customers and thus our wide varieties of quilt cover sets will give you for what you’re looking for. Our range of quilt cover sets includes simple, sleek designs, patterns of block prints while the colors inspired from oasis and sapphire, give you a fresh, soothing feel. Our styles, patterns, designs, and colors will provide you with the ultimate décor and enhance your personal style.


quilt cover sets design


Consider the material of quilt cover sets:

Quilt covers are made up of different types of materials that mainly include cotton, cotton blends, polyester cotton, flannel, different synthetic materials and luxurious silk. While there is a difference between the prices of quilt covers, the characteristics of the materials also differ. For winter, you can go for thicker quilt covers that have the heat insulation, while you can opt for something lighter for the summers. If you have pets and you allow them to sleep on the bed then you must avoid quilt covers made from delicate fabrics such as satin or silk. Another thing you should consider is your skin type, for example, if you have a sensitive skin, look for covers made of breathable natural fiber such as cotton or bamboo.

At Amsons Design, the range of quilt cover sets is made of high-quality polyester cotton and 100% cotton that ensure a comfortable sleep with a soft feel.


Green Oasis


Consider the thread count of quilt cover sets:

Thread count means the number of horizontal and vertical threads in per square 10 cm. A fabric having higher thread count ensures better wearing and it is more soft and luxurious and of course expensive (you can buy cheap quilt cover sets). But in case of quilt covers, there is something different you need to consider. A quilt cover that has high thread count can trap the heat instead of allowing the air to move freely. On the other hand, a quilt cover made of high-quality low thread count allows the air to move freely while it also maintains a soft feel.

The quilt cover sets at Amsons Design are available with the thread count of 230 and 180 along with 100% cotton material that ultimately gives you a comfortable sleep.


quilt cover sets thread count


Consider some other features:

There are some other features of quilt covers that you should consider. Some of the quilt covers available in the market can be easily washable and dry while some are present in the pre-washed state to avoid the shrinkage. Recently, textured quilt covers and fringed duvet covers are introduced in the market, while these look perfect but it becomes sometimes difficult to maintain them because fabric frills can come off and fringes can break during washing. So, we recommend a simpler option for a quilt cover that can easily be maintained and lasts for a long time while giving you everlasting pleasure.

Another feature of quilt cover sets is the size that bears an equal importance. At Amsons Design, the quilt covers are available in different sizes according to your bedding and it includes single size (140 x 210) cm, double size (180 x 210)cm, queen size (210 x 210)cm, king size (240 x 210) cm and super king size (270 x 240)cm. Also, it is important to buy pillowcases along with your quilt covers and our range of quilt cover sets include the matching pillowcases as well. The size of the standard pillowcase is 48 x 74cm and that of king pillowcase is 48 x 87cm.




The complete set of a quilt cover is designed to give your bedroom an entire enchanting décor and to provide you an ultimate comfort.

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