What are the different types of fabrics for bed sheets?

A piece of cloth that covers the mattress and on which the person directly lies on is called a bed sheet and it is placed directly on the mattress. Nowadays, there are two different types of bed sheets: bottom sheets (called, fitted sheets) and top sheets (called, flat sheets). Fitted sheets are placed snugly over the mattress and flat sheets are placed on the top of fitted sheets. The bed occupant sleeps between the fitted and flat sheets. The term “bed sheet” was used for the first time in the 15th century.

Bed sheets are made by different materials or fabrics such as cotton, satin, silk, linen, bamboo or rayon. Among the different types of bed sheets fabrics, it becomes difficult to choose the right type of fabric. For choosing the right type of fabric, it is important to have an ample knowledge of these fabrics, so here’s a complete overview of different types of fabrics used for making the bed sheets:



Cotton is one of the most popular and commonly used fabrics to make bed sheets and other bed linen. There are many benefits of cotton such as it is soft, breathable, durable, and easy to care and most importantly, it is cost-effective. However, there are further various types of cotton that include:

Egyptian cotton: It is called as luxurious fabric due to its super-softness and high-quality features. It is grown in North Africa in the warm and dry climates. It has extra-long fibers that make it a soft and smooth fabric.

Pima cotton: This type of cotton is also known for its natural feel and softness. It is largely grown in the southwest of the U.S. along with some other countries. It has medium to extra-long fibers that make it best suitable fabric for bed sheets.

Upland cotton: It is first used only by the Americans but now it becomes one of the commonly grown cottons in the world. It is not as softer as Egyptian or Pima cotton because its fibers are not too long.

Supima®: It is called as a trademark for the materials and fibers made from 100% American Pima cotton.

MicroCotton®: It is called as a trademark for the cotton thread that is extremely fine and developed in India. It is made from long-staple cotton fibers so it is absorbent and very soft. It is also very durable.


This type of cotton – arranged by fluffing up the fibers – is used for the cold winter nights. As a result, the fabric is very soft that traps the body heat and makes the flannel as a snuggly-warm material. The quality of flannel – unlike the other bedding materials – is measured in ounces per square yard, instead of the thread count. So, flannel is the best option for winters.


Produced by the silkworms, this fabric is soft and luxurious. The real silk bed sheets are very soft, silky, cool and sensuous that makes them a right option for a romantic bedroom. Silk is also referred to as naturally hypoallergenic (slightly allergic). The shortcoming of using silk is that it is expensive and difficult to care for, due to its delicacy. However, silk bed sheets are the right choice for those who want utmost luxury.


silk bed sheets



It is the brand name of the fabric that is made of the wood pulp of eucalyptus tree. It is very much soft and durable. It has also the quality of a natural antimicrobial (destroys and inhibits the growth of microorganisms). Tencel is called as an environment-friendly fabric because the process of its production requires less energy, water, and chemicals than done for the cotton. Although it is cool it doesn’t as much breathable as cotton and has a slightly moist feel.


It is a manmade fiber that is produced from those polymers which used to make the plastic drink bottles. Because the polyester is scratchy and stiff when it is used on its own, it is generally mixed with other thread, commonly cotton. This is done for the inexpensive polyester bed sheets.

The bed sheets made from polyester as soft but not enough breathable like cotton and so they can’t be used for sleeping hot. On the other hand, these sheets resist stains and are durable, so can be a right choice for the bedroom of children.



When bamboo is made into the fabric, it is usually rough and stiff. Most often, the bed sheets labeled as “bamboo sheets” are, in fact, rayon. It means that the bamboo pulp is gone through a chemical process that dissolves the pulp, after that it is re-solidified and then it is spun into thread. During this process, as harmful chemicals are used that make the bamboo bed sheets less environmental-friendly. However, the process produces a very silky, soft and durable fabric. It is breathable like the cotton and feels good when touching the skin.


Blends are the blended fabrics that come in various forms of cotton. The most common is the blend of cotton/polyester, while others include cotton/rayon and cotton/bamboo. Blended fabrics are durable, inexpensive and wrinkle-resistant that makes them the right choice for bedding of children.


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