What Are Top 3 Bed Linens For The Summer?

These summers, you might have planned for a summer vacation with your family or friends or going out to spend a whole enjoyable day at the beach while having fun with the outdoor activities. These are some of the joys of summers that we all want to have but at the same time, you may feel uncomfortable in the hot steamy nights that make it difficult for you to sleep. Most of the people think about which bed sheets are best in the summer or whether they need to buy sheets and other bed linens in a specific color or pattern or what material is best to keep them cool during sleeping in the hot nights. When you get confused about what bedding items are best to keep your cool in the summer, take benefit from the following bed linens to stay cool in the summer:


These 3 best bed linens keep you cool in the hot summer nights:

  1. Light cotton bed sheets
  2. Gel-filled cooling pillow mat
  3. Down duvet


Light cotton bed sheets:

When it is the time of arrival of summers, storing your synthetic bed linens is one of the first things to do to keep cool. Secondly, the most effective thing to do is to buy 100% cotton bed sheets having the lightest weight. Buy Egyptian or Pima cotton because these are extra-long staple cotton and thus produces the softest, coolest and lightest sheets. It is not necessary that the thread count is high as most of high thread count sheets can be warmer than usual. Instead, a 400-thread count bed sheet is the right option for a cool summer sleep. Choose white color sheet or any other light color as it will give you a soothing, fresh and cooling feel during sleeping.


flat sheet sets + fitted sheets


Gel-filled cooling pillow mat:

Spending the whole night by switching hot, sweaty pillow from side to side to find a cool patch is what most of us are doing in the summer nights. The best solution to this problem is the “gel-filled cooling pillow mat” that is available in the market. It is a thin mat filled with moldable, soft, moist gel that is found in the re-used ice packs. These mats can easily fit and spread on the top of the standard pillow. As these mats are thin and moldable, you won’t feel any pad under your head except the cool spot to feel over the night.

The inner gel in the mats remains cooler than the surrounding air and draws the heat off your body and so you can keep these mats at room temperature. If you want to feel much chilled, you can keep them in freezer or fridge before going to bed and then enjoy a comfortable and cool sleep. As an added benefit, the gel-filled cooling pillow mats can be used any time of the year if you experience hot flashes from hormonal problems or any other medical condition.


Down duvet:

A heavy down-filled duvet (down is a layer of fine feathers that is present beneath the outer feathers, and it is fluffy and light) is comfortable in the winters but it feels suffocated in the summers. During the summer nights, it is best to sleep under the low-fill-power down duvet. Fill power is defined as the measurement of the fluffiness of down. Generally, a 400-600 fill power is recommended for the whole year. But if you’re living in very hot climatic conditions, buy a duvet having a fill power below 400. Down are very much breathable, allowing you to have a comfortable sleep in the muggy months.

As far as the colors and patterns of down duvet are concerned, opt for white or any light color with very simple patterns.


down duvet


Some other useful tips for keeping your bedroom cool in the summer:

Apart from the bed linens, there are certain items that help you to stay cool in the summer. These include bedside fan, room humidifier, and a hot water bottle. Here are the useful tips for using these items to make your nights cool:

Small bedside fan: Although an air conditioner is fine and feels good to run during the whole night you pay a heavy price when your electricity bill arrives. But what can you do to have a cool sleep on the hot nights? The answer is the small bedside fan that is portable and you can easily place where you need a direct cold breeze. For an added chill feeling, keep a bowl of ice cubes or cold water in front of the bedside fan or you can also set it behind the room humidifier. Remember, a small size fan is the best option.

Room humidifier: A room humidifier brings the moisture back to your room so that you can feel comfortable. Run the humidifier near your bed and remember to change the water every day.

A hot water bottle: You are thinking how a hot water bottle makes your bedroom cool. Yes, it is a hot water bottle but you can turn it into a cooling device. Let’s see, how… Normally, a hot water bottle is filled with hot water but you can fill it with any chilly stuff. Just simply turn the hot water into cold water by placing the water-filled bottle in the fridge or freezer during the whole day. Then, at night take the chilled bottle out and place under your bed sheets or under your knees or feet or around your neck – all such areas that make your whole body to feel cool. This is how you can perfectly use a hot water bottle as the best cooling bed accessory in the summer.



By choosing the bed linens and following the useful tips that we have mentioned above, you will enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep during the summers. If you’re looking for high-quality 100% cotton bed sheets at the most affordable prices with varieties of colors and patterns, buy online the flat and fitted bed sheets + pillowcases at Amsons Design. You will get free shipping in Australia – a limited time offer.