What is Tableware – Types, Materials, and Table Linens?

Tableware is the term that is used for “dishes” and thus also referred as “dishware” and it is used for setting a table, serving the food and for dining purposes. Tableware includes a wide variety of items such as cutlery, serving dishes, various kinds of plates and bowls, glassware and other that are used for practical and decorative purposes. The variety, quality, nature, and a number of these items are varied according to the specific culture, religion, occasion, cuisine, and a number of diners.

Another term that is used to refer to tableware is “dinnerware”.  “Crockery” refers to the dishes made of porcelain and bone china produced in France, England, Denmark, Germany and Northern Ireland. A set of dishes is referred to as “dinner service”, “table service” or “service set”.

The term “table settings” or “place settings” referred to the dishes, glassware, and cutlery used for the formal and informal dining. Setting a table is the arrangement of tableware for each diner at the table and the decoration of the table itself according to the type of occasion. The decoration of the table and tableware set should be in accordance with the occasion whether it is formal, informal or special occasion. Tableware can be adapted if there is an unusual location of the dining.

Read on further to know more about the materials, types, and linens of tableware:


Which materials are used for making tableware?

Typically, dishes are made of ceramic materials that include:

Porcelain and bone china are the types of crockery materials.

Dishware can also be made of some other materials that include:

materials of tableware


What are the different types of tableware?

Tableware is categorized into four main types that include:

All these four types of dishware are suitable for every occasion whether these are ordinary days or special days.

Serve ware:

It is used for the purpose of serving the food or drinks. It is used to bring the food to the table. It includes:


It is a type of tableware that is used to serve the food to an individual diner during the meal. It consists of varieties of dishes whether these are basic plates, bowels or other special pieces. The arrangement of dinnerware depends on the food that is served. It includes:




It is also called silverware and is considered the most important type of tableware because it refers to the items belongs to cutlery: spoons, forks, and knives. They are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes.





It is also called glassware and refers to any item that is used for the purpose of drinking and it includes cups, mugs, and glasses. The glasses are further divided into two categories:




What are the different types of table linens?

Table linens are the cloths that are laid on the table when having a meal. There are four main categories of table linens that include:


The tablecloth is used for decorative purposes and is used to unify the different components of the table setting. It is an additional item that gives insulation to the table so that the noise level can be lowered.

In order to buy the right tablecloths, there are five elements that should be considered:



Table Runners:

The table runner is a cloth with a narrow length and is normally placed on top of the tablecloth or it can be placed on the bare table. Table runners can be used for different purposes that include:

The table runner is easy to carry as compared to tablecloths and they are more decorative than the tablemats.

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table runners



A napkin is a square piece of cloth that is used during a meal to protect the clothes and to wipe the hands or mouth.  The shape and size of napkins depend on the occasion or event. Usually, napkins are available in square shapes.




Tablemats or placemats:

Tablemat is a covering or pad that is used for individual place settings rather the tablecloth that covers the entire surface of the table.

Tablemats can be used for different purposes that include:


table mats


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***The details of table types and tableware linens will be presented in further articles***