What is the difference between quilt, comforter, duvet, and bedspread?

If we visit a bedding or homeware store, we see varieties of different bedding linens. On one side, there is a section of comfortable, soft bed sheets available in various fabrics and patterns for every season, blankets for keeping us warm in cold nights, and different other bedding items. The other side is a section of bed toppers that include quilts, comforters, duvet covers or bedspreads and this category often creates confusion in the minds of buyers that what is the actual difference between these items and what is the best over the other to buy. While bed sheets, blankets are functional, the main purpose of these bedding toppers is a decoration that gives the bedroom a completely new look enhancing the style and décor.


Let’s see the difference between quilt, comforter, duvet, and bedspread:


What is a quilt?

A traditional quilt is composed of 3 layers that are stitched together to give it a finished look. These 3 layers are top, batting (middle) and bottom. The top layer is usually crafted by using different techniques for giving different patterns to a quilt, and the most common is called patchwork in which different fabrics are stitched together to give the layer a complex pattern. The batting is the inner layer of wool or down that fills the inside of the quilt. The bottom layer is any solid piece of a fabric.

Quilts are usually made of cotton or various cotton blends (cotton/polyester) making them lightweight and therefore they are best to use in summers. They can also be used as winter’s bed topper placing them underneath the blankets.

The color schemes of quilts are used differently in many different ways, for example, they can be bright or light or very subtle or a pattern on a solid white background.

Quilts can be used for various decorating styles such as rustic, coastal or country.

Read more about the different uses of quilts, techniques for quilt making, and quilt cover sets.


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What is a comforter?

A comforter is a thick covering of bed that is typically filled with down or synthetic fibers. All the four sides of a comforter are sewed or quilted to keep the inner filling in its place. But, unlike quilt, it is not stitched in a patchwork pattern.

Comforters are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, themes, and designs.

Cotton, cotton blends (cotton/polyester) and synthetics are the most common fabrics used for manufacturing comforter.

The warmness that a comforter provides depends on the type and amount of the inner filling. Usually, a comforter is warm enough to be used without a blanket underside.


What is a duvet and duvet cover?

A duvet is a plain white comforter that is only filled with down and a duvet cover is a fabric that covers a duvet. After inserting duvet in a duvet cover, the opening side is closed with large zippers or buttons or ties.

A duvet cover protects the duvet and it can be removed and washed easily.

The range of fabrics for duvet covers includes cotton, cotton blends, silk, and synthetics that sometimes available with additional embellishments or embroidery.

Duvet covers are available in varieties of colors, patterns, themes, designs that enhance the décor of the bedroom. To give the bedroom a modern, sophisticated look a duvet cover is the right bed linen.

The type and amount of the filling measure the warmth of a duvet. In summers, duvet can be used alone as a lightweight bedding topper or in winters; it can be used with blankets underneath.




What is a bedspread?

A bedspread is a thin, single-layer bedding topper that covers the whole bed from pillows to the floor. Bedspread is used to cover the entire bed when no one is using or sleeping on it and at night.

Bedspreads are commonly made of cotton, polyester or wool.

Some ‘bedspreads’ have different finishing such as corduroy, pompom, chenille that makes them decorative while some have fringes at their edges.

Bedspreads are commonly used in solid, plain colors but they are also available in printed designs.

A bedspread is the best choice for guest rooms or for any bedroom that has a retro style.





Knowing the basic differences between the bedding toppers – quilt, comforter, duvet and bedspread it really helps in choosing the right one according to the needs and requirements.